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        Chris O.

        "Keeps my 18 lb Pomapoo from jumping all over the vehicle. He seems to be less nervous in this little "den" while in the car instead of on our laps (which is very dangerous anyway). Portable and can also be used in any vehicle with a headrest."

        N. May

        "I got this for my bunny who is my Emotional Support Animal. His smaller litter box fits and this keeps him in a safe area. He no longer just leaps towards my feet or on my lap mid traffic hahaha. He was scared at first but realized everything is fine and now calmly sits or sleeps (see pic). He didn't even hop out when I ran a 20 min errand and had him stay in the car.

        The car seat is worth its already great price, sturdy, and serves its purpose. I recommend it for small pets and some medium-sized animals. This car seat gives me peace of mind and I no longer worry about his safety as much as I did beforehand." 

        Marjorie B.

        "Works great and keeps my puppy safe. The pipes that are inserted for the sides do easily slide out, but can easily be placed back in. My new puppy did great on the 5-hour drive home when we first got him but now hates car rides and has easily jumped out of the seat on multiple occasions. He's only 12 weeks old, so he might need some time to get used to car rides. Overall gives me peace of mind that he's safe, but it's the matter of getting him comfortable in the car" 

        T. Lynn

        "Super easy to install when you need it. Wraps around the car seat and snaps together quickly. My puppy got car sick the first time in it, and it was easy to clean under the showerhead and didn't take long to dry. I also like that there is a clip to use on her collar to keep her put!" 


        "The only thing I wish is that the strap inside the bed could adjust just a little bit shorter, but other than that I am so excited about this travel bed, as I call it!! My chihuahuas are 6 and 7 pounds, and they fit in there perfectly together!!! The mat that goes inside the bed is thin, but it's nice because you can take it out and wash it." 

        Dana H.

        "I have used several doggie car seats, and this one is the best and very affordable. I think it is the safest. It doesn't move around while driving like the others and is high on the sides, so my tiny dog doesn't try to jump out. It has breathable sides, so air gets through and doesn't get too hot in summer for him. It's also larger than some of the others. All in all. Best value for the price. It's easy to put together for someone like me that isn't the handy type. My chihuahua likes it. Just a tip to put your dog's favorite blanket and toy in it to keep your fur baby from getting anxious on drives." 

        Michele L.

        "I bought this for my Yorkie to ride in the car. It's pretty easy to install, and I like the clip for her harness to keep her in the basket but allowing her the freedom to lay down or stand up. It seems very sturdy. She is 3.3 lbs. but this will easily fit her as she grows. I put this in the back seat of my Honda CR-V. At first, I had it in the front passenger seat, but then I realized that even a minor accident could inflate the airbag and have fatal results. This is much safer for her to travel- she still has a good view but is contained

        "Great quality! Super cute, my dog loves it!" - C. Ann


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        Is it really safe?

        "I feel much more comfortable knowing that my dog is safely attached in case of an accident and won't be running away in the middle of traffic. I wish i had purchased it sooner." - Nancy G.

        Will my 14lb dog fit in this?

        "Our dog is a 14lb, Havanese and she has never sat in anything like this before, but it worked great. It was easy to set up in our truck. She had a harness on and it was easy to attach to the seat. Our dog was very comfortable and didn't try to jump out. The drive was 8hrs and she did great. We stopped plenty of times and she would jump in the seat, with no problems. We actually think she liked sitting in it. Our dog is very calm, so I'm not sure how it would hold up, if your dog would keep jumping out." - D. Beers

        What if my dog got car sick during the ride, is this washable?

        "Super easy to install when you need it. Wraps around the car seat and snaps together quickly. My puppy got car sick the first time in it, and it was easy to clean under the showerhead and didn't take long to dry. I also like that there is a clip to use on her collar to keep her put!" - T. Lynn

        How do I attach this to my car seat?

        "The top straps go around the head rest while the two back straps from the bottom wrap around the back of the seat. The front straps go behind the seat rest so it holds up."

        Can I install it in the backseat of the car?

        "Yes, hang it from the headrest of the front seat and the headrest of the back seat." - Karita

        Where is this made?

        "It is made in China. But, the material used is very sturdy, well made and not irritating for dogs. Really does the job."

        We are a US business (LLC). Our products are manufactured in China just like the luxury iPhone and many of the "bread and butter" products of most US-based businesses. Our products are made with high-quality materials and undergo stringent quality measures. 

        Would you recommend this over other popular pet safety car seats?

        "The car seat is well-made with excellent fabric. The design and quality are both great" - Chenli S.

        Where is "Paws Place" located?

        We are based in Buffalo, Wyoming, USA. We ship our products from several warehouses worldwide depending on the customer location.

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