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        Help us spread the word of adoption and pet care worldwide. Every Sale from our store donates to pet rescue associations and supports our volunteering actively. Share our vision or get a product you love to support. Help us grow and make our vision a reality - home and love for all paws!


        Paws Place's Vision

         What we are working for:

        Paws Place Emoji Pet rights everywhere

        Paws Place Emoji Spread the awareness of adoption

        Paws Place Emoji Legislation for strict enforcement of puppy farms and pet shops

        Paws Place Emoji Report and prevent abuse

        Paws Place Emoji Keep shelter pets alive, warm and satiation

        Paws Place Emoji Education against animal cruelty 

        We are currently donating 10% of our profits to organizations that support these causes. We are planning to get bigger and to be able to give much more and build our 'own' pet-homes.  

        We aim to get so big to make an enormous change and a big difference. 


        Paws Place Vision

        Maya, the women behind the stor(e)y:

        "I always had two main dreams that seem to contradict in the past.
        One is to live the life I always wanted, have my own business and abundance. While the other one is building big pet houses, to shelter pets that get along and can live in a loving house instead of a cage, give the change of feeling and living home for many pets who wait years if not there entire life to have their own loving home.

        For older (or any) pets that get used to a loving home until their owner abandons them or dies and leaves them alone in this world, get their heart crushed. These pet houses will operate by scholarship students, workers, and volunteers that will live or sleep in there in shifts.

        These two dreams always felt contradicted to me, like they can't both happen, and I have to choose one of them and forget about the other.
        Either quit my job and dedicate my life to the paws, live in struggle, and be dependent on donations. Or getting some high paying job, or manage a demanding business and forget about the pets.

        But I understand that they don't have to contradict each other; actually, they can support each other. If I have a successful business, I can earn much more, which will allow me to help more pets, build more pet homes and still have the abundance I wish for my family and friends; even strangers I will be able to help, support, educate.

        So why not just start to raise money, build big non-profit organizations?
        I want to give and give a lot! But I want to provide my self and my love once as well, not instead. I also believe that this is the human mind - we want to give others, but we want to enjoy the process, something that will encourage us to give more often.

        I see other stores, that adding value by donating part of their profits but allow themselves to sell some lousy quality products. Instead of proving their products, think about more ways to benefit the customers, offer more value, and work on marketing massaging and consumer experience, they put all the effort on guilty their users out, with poor animal images and emotional manipulations. The customers end up buying some products they don't want and won't use. What's the point? In this case, I rater he would donate the whole amount directly; instead of getting the product, he doesn't need that some of its profits are donated.

        But More than that, I believe in a win-win situation.
        We love to buy things, and we love to have value products that make our life easier. How great is it to purchase a great product you desire while helping others?
        I believe this win-win situation will provide more growth, which allows more help and support.
        I believe my customers should have it all as I want to myself—the value they need and giving, without the need to choose only one of them.
        I know it will also encourage them to come back and give at a much higher level."

        Thank you for being here and shopping with us.
        We highly appreciate your support and would love to get your feedback.